HELPFUL TIPS: 6 Reasons Why Music Lessons Rock!

HELPFUL TIPS: 6 Reasons Why Music Lessons Rock!

At Living Music, we believe that everyone can benefit from learning a musical instrument. No matter your age or ability, playing music is a wonderful outlet for creativity and fun.

Here are 6 reasons why music lessons rock!

Boost your brain power!

Learning to read and play music can help improve reading, vocabulary and auditory skills in children and teens, which can help them in many other areas including maths and science. In adults, learning a musical instrument can help keep your memory sharp as you learn new skills.

Let's get physical!

Learning to play an instrument helps to develop fine motor skills and improve coordination. Particularly in adults, playing an instrument exercises the joints and helps keep them flexible.

Stress less!

Music is a wonderful way to reduce stress levels. Studies have shown that music can help improve mood, reduce stress and anxiety and even lower blood pressure! Attending a music lesson or practising at home is a great way to cool off after a hard day at work or school. 

Believe in yourself!

Learning an instrument can be a major confidence booster, whether you're 7 or 70. There are few things that feel better than finally mastering a difficult technique or playing your favourite song the whole way through for the first time. Children and adults alike may find that playing music helps bring them out of their shell. Whether it's speaking in front of the class or nailing a job interview, you may be surprised at your newfound confidence!

Become a social butterfly!

Music is a great way to get out of the house and meet new people. Throughout your musical journey you will meet all sorts of interesting people and create lasting friendships. A shared love of music brings people together from all walks of life - music is, after all, a universal language!

Have a blast!

Last, and probably most importantly, learning a musical instrument is FUN! Music brings happiness and enrichment to our lives on a daily basis.

Give it a go:

Living Music Greensborough and Carlton are now accepting enrolments for Term 4 music lessons! If you or your child would like to learn an instrument, please click here to contact us or find out more information.

Living Music Greensborough offers tuition for guitar (electric or acoustic), bass guitar, drums, piano, singing, saxophone, clarinet, flute or ukulele.

Living Music Carlton offers tuition for guitar (electric or acoustic), ukulele or piano.

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