GIFT IDEAS: Our Complete Christmas Gift Guide for 2019

GIFT IDEAS: Our Complete Christmas Gift Guide for 2019

The silly season is fast approaching, and with it the stress of finding the perfect gift for someone when you may have no idea what they want or need! The team at Living Music are here to make your Christmas shopping as stress-free as possible; keep reading for gift ideas to suit every muso in your life.

Gifts for Guitarists

Martinez "Slim Jim" Classical Guitar Packs: Starting from $159

These awesome guitars are one of our best sellers - for good reason! The Martinez "Slim Jim" Classical Guitars feature a slimmer neck than a traditional classical guitar, which makes it much easier to reach across the fretboard; ideal for beginners young and old. Nylon strings are also much more gentle on the fingers and easier to play than steel strings, making these guitars an ideal starting point.

The Slim Jim range is available in 1/2 Size (ideal for ages 5-8), 3/4 Size (for ages 8-11) and Full Size (ages 11+) in a stack of awesome colours. Each guitar comes complete with a built-in chromatic tuner, gig bag, strap and picks. It's everything you need in one box! 

Check out the range HERE.

Casino ST-Style Electric Guitar Sets: Starting from $279

If you're looking to delve into the world of electric guitar for the first time, you can't go past Casino's ST-Style Electric Guitar Sets. With an iconic body shape, awesome payability and great tone, these guitars rival instruments two or three times the price. The set comes complete with an ST-Style Electric Guitar (available in a range of awesome colours), gig bag, lead, strap and picks. Pair the set with the amplifier of your choice and you'll be well on your way to becoming the next Hendrix or Clapton!

Available in right and left-handed models. View the range HERE.

J&D Luthiers 4-String PB-Style Bass Guitar: $399

Iconic bass tone and playability at an incredible price; the J&D Luthiers PB-Style Bass Guitar is a fantastic option for the beginner bassist in your life! The PB-Style shape and passive split single-coil pickup configuration is a classic for a reason, providing a deep, warm tone with a strong mid-range presence.

Check it out HERE.

Line 6 Spider V 20 Modelling Amplifier with Effects: $299.99

Get playing and practicing right away with the Line 6 Spider V 20. This amp offers top-notch sound right out of the box, with 16 presets that range from Clean to Crunch to Insane. Acoustic guitarists and bass players also get their own awesome presets. The Spider's interface is a breeze to use and it has stacks of other awesome features, making it an awesome all-in-one solution for your amp and effect needs!

Check it out HERE.

Mooer GE-100 Guitar Multi Effects Processor: $219

The GE-100 is one of our enduringly popular effects units; it features a whopping 66 effect types, 7 legendary amp simulators, assignable expression pedal, 180 second looper, 40 drum rhythms and more. Whether you're delving into the world of effects for the first time or want a space saving solution, the GE-100 fits the bill. The unit even includes a headphone output jack, so you can shred at 3am without waking the neighbours!

Check it out HERE.

Gifts for Pianists

Yamaha PSRE-363 61-Key Keyboard: $369.99

Versatile functions and an expressive touch-sensitive keyboard action make Yamaha's PSR-E363 a go-to instrument for beginning players. The Touch-sensitive keys allow for expressive dynamic control; play the keys heavily and you'll get louder tones, or play softly to achieve quieter sounds. Plus, enjoy 574 high quality voices, 165 auto accompaniment styles, built-in lesson function and more!

Check it out HERE.

Yamaha P45 88-Note Digital Piano: $749.99

Enjoy the real feel and sound of a piano without the exorbitant price tag! The Yamaha P45 88-key weighted action digital piano features the Yamaha GHS Graded Hammer Standard piano action that provides a heavier touch on the lower keys, while the higher ones are more responsive to lighter playing, very similar to a traditional acoustic piano. The keyboard's sensitivity can even be adjusted to match your playing style. The simple interface allows you to change timbres, play demo songs, configure the metronome, and more.

Check it out HERE.

Novation Launchkey MK2 49-Key MIDI Controller: $399.99

The Novation Launchkey 49 MK2 is a sleek, modern MIDI keyboard controller equipped with 49 full sized velocity sensitive keys, 16 RGB back-lit trigger pads, and 8 assignable knobs and faders. It's a great option for budding producers and musicians on the go. Simply connect your Launchkey to your computer via USB, and watch the keys, faders, knobs, and pads come to life. Featuring seamless integration with Ableton Live, it’s the quickest and easiest way to produce and perform electronic music. 

Check it out HERE.

Yamaha HPH-50 Compact Headphones: $49.95

Enjoy professional-grade sound quality in a simple package with the Yamaha HPH-50 Headphones! These headphones deliver quality sound with a carefully balanced bass and treble, ideal for listening to your devices or quiet practice on a digital instrument. The HPH-50 headphones can be plugged into any device with a 3.5mm headphone jack and also include a 1/4" jack adaptor for plugging into amplifiers, keyboards, electronic drum kits and more.

Check them out HERE.

Gifts for Drummers

Sonic Drive 5-Piece Rock Drumkits: Starting from $549

Ready to gradute from your practice pad to a real drum kit? The Sonic Drive 5-Piece Rock Drumkit is a great place to start! These kits offer great tonal qualities so you can start practicing your techniques and jamming to all your favourite tracks. Cymbals, double braced hardware, stool and sticks are included, so you can start playing right away! Available in a range of cool colours and hardware colour options (matte black or chrome), there's a kit for every taste.

Suitable for age 9+. Check out the range HERE.

Yamaha DTX452K Electronic Drum Kit: $1199

If an electronic drum kit is more your style, you can't go past the Yamaha DTX452! This kit comes packed with loads of cutting edge features including 10 top quality in-built drum kits and 10 in-built training functions with iOS/Android app compatibility in a sturdy and compact package. The kit is hugely versatile, meaning you can set it up to your exact specifications. A headphone output allows for quiet practice, or you can plug into an amplifier and shake the walls! The kit comes complete with a drum stool and sticks; everything you need to get started.

Check it out HERE.

Sonic Drive Drumstick Bag with 6 Pairs of Sticks: $39.95

The Sonic Drive Drumstick Bag is an awesome way to keep your sticks in one place, whether for gigging or heading to your lessons. It holds up to six pairs of sticks, and even comes preloaded with six pairs of 5A wood tip sticks! Use them or keep them as backup, it's up to you!

Check it out HERE.

Sonic Drive 12" Practice Pad Set with Sticks: $49.95

If you have decided the drums are for you, it all starts here with the Sonic Drive Practice Pad Set! The practise pad has a natural rebound feel just like playing the drums, which will help you develop a natural feel when practising your rhythms. The set also includes a pair of 5A wood tip drumsticks.

Check it out HERE.

Studio and Live Performance Gifts

sE Electronics V3 Cardioid Dynamic Microphone: $109.99

The sE Electronics V3 is a rugged dynamic workhorse fit for absolutely any voice or instrument. The V3's road-ready design is all metal; the chassis' high quality, highly durable zinc alloy is designed to hold up under on-stage stress for years, and the spring steel mesh grille is dent-proof and corrosion-free for perfect reliability. The dynamic element in the V3 has been custom-developed for a smooth, natural sound on any voice or instrument - and its cardioid capsule design helps efficiently isolate your voice from other on-stage sounds, ensuring plenty of gain before feedback.

Check it out HERE.

Belcat "Busker Box" 25 Watt Rechargeable Portable Amplifier: $599

The Belcat "Busker Box" takes portability, intelligent design and functionality to new levels. Featuring enough power and flexiblity for a varity of indoor and outdoor applications, the "Busker Box" is in it's element no matter where you take it. From the incredible inbuilt battery life, to its rugged but feather weight design, the "Busker Box" is the portable amplifier you've been waiting for. 

Check it out HERE.

SoundArt USB Condenser Studio Microphone Pack: $249

Compact and easily transportable, the SoundArt professional USB large diaphragm condenser microphone is ideal for recording high quality audio at home, in the office, or the studio. This mic provides excellent sensitivity and frequency response, resulting in wonderfully natural and clear audio recordings; perfect for instrumental or vocal recordings.The microphone comes complete with a pop filter, desk stand, USB cable and hard carry case.

Check it out HERE.

Steinberg UR22C USB Audio Interface Recording Pack: $449.99

The Steinberg UR22C Recording Pack is the complete package for recording high-quality music, podcasts or interviews and for live streaming audio. The compact, rugged UR22C audio interface has all the connections and facilities needed to record in fantastic 32-bit/192kHz quality, with the included ST-M01 microphone and ST-H01 headphones ensuring that you have everything you need to make great recordings.

Check it out HERE.

Need more ideas?

Our friendly staff are always happy to make a recommendation based on your needs. Drop in to your local Living Music store or contact us today!

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