GEAR GUIDE: 5 Must-Have Accessories for Drummers

GEAR GUIDE: 5 Must-Have Accessories for Drummers

Every muso relies on a handful of essential accessories that they simply can't be without, whether they've just picked up their instrument for the first time or have been playing for 50 years.

Keep reading to find out what the drum buffs at Living Music rate as the top five must have accessories for every drummer.

1. Drum Sticks and Stick Bag

No sticks, no gig! We recommend you keep at least two pairs of your favourite sticks handy when you’re gigging or practising so you always have a backup ready to go. You can also keep a stick bag nearby with even more sticks, just in case!

When it comes to which sticks to choose, it’s a good idea to try out a few different types when you’re first starting out. Drum sticks come in a range of lengths and thicknesses which suit different playing styles and genres. Plus, there’s options like cymbal mallets, brushes or lightning rods which all offer different sounds; there’s so many possibilities!

Shop our range of drum sticks and bags HERE.

2. Stick Holder

When gigging, rehearsing or practising, the last thing you want is to have to bend down to catch a runaway drum stick that’s rolled away on you mid-song! A stick holder attaches to your cymbal stand and keep your sticks within arm’s reach, so if you drop or break a stick, you can grab another one and keep rocking out!

We recommend the Promark SD100 Stick Depot (RRP $34.95), which is ideal for keeping single set of sticks, brushes or mallets handy.

3. Drum Key

Drum keys are an essential bit of gear that come in handy for all sorts of things! Drum keys are not just for tuning drums; they can also be used to adjust bass drum and high hat pedals and tighten memory locks for hardware stands. If you find yourself losing all your drum keys, keep one on your key chain or in your stick bag!

4. Practise Pad

Practise pads are a rubber pad with a natural rebound feel, designed to mimic the feel of a real drum when learning or practising, without the need for a full drum kit. Their portability and low volume make them an essential item for catching up on your practise wherever you are.

Practise pads are primarily a tool used by beginner drummers, but that doesn’t mean they’re any less important! A practise pad is also great for professional players, as they allow you to warm up before gigs or practise while on the road.

We like the Sonic Drive 8" Natural Rebound Drum Practise Pad (RRP $24.95) as it's small and compact, making it a breeze to travel with and store. It also has a standard 8mm thread on the bottom, meaning you can use it with a practise pad stand if you prefer!

Shop our full range of practise pads HERE.

5. Earplugs

Last, but definitely not least, earplugs are absolutely essential! Whether you’re a heavy hitter or a quiet jazz drummer, earplugs are always a valuable investment. Like so many other activities, playing drums will eventually start to damage your hearing. Get some quality earplugs and wear them; your ears will thank you in years to come!

Living Music stocks a range of quality earplugs that are available in several sizes, so you can choose your perfect fit. Shop the range HERE.


Ultimately, the accessories you choose will depend on your individual needs, but we hope this list is useful for you! If you think we've missed any essential drum accessories, you can let us know by leaving a comment below.

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