Term 1 

Monday, February 1st to Thursday, April 1st

Public Holidays:

  • Monday, March 8th (Labour Day)
  • Friday, April 2nd (Good Friday)
  • Saturday, April 3rd (Easter Saturday)

Term 1 Catch Up Lessons:
Tuesday, April 6th and Wednesday, April 7th


Term 2 

Monday, April 19th to Saturday, June 26th

Public Holidays:

  • Monday, June 14th (Queen’s Birthday)

Term 2 Catch Up Lessons:
Monday, June 28th and Tuesday, June 29th


Term 3 

Monday, July 12th to Saturday, September 18th

Term 3 Catch Up Lessons:
Monday, September 20th and Tuesday, September 21st


Term 4 

Monday, October 4th to Saturday, December 18th

Public Holidays:

  • Tuesday, November 2nd (Melbourne Cup) – please note that Monday, November 1st is not a public holiday and all lessons will go ahead as normal.

Term 4 Catch Up Lessons:
Monday, December 21st and Tuesday, December 22nd