ANZCA Limited


Innovative examinations for the rich diversity of today’s musical styles.

Ever evolving, disciplined yet searching and inventive, music has always been a vital, diverse and energetic art form, inviting and fostering innovative expression.

The same drive for innovation is at the heart of ANZCA's examination system – as is their commitment to aid and encourage the ongoing development of music, its students and its teachers.

A non-profit examining body of the performing arts, ANZCA use innovative thinking to make the entire examination process more exciting and rewarding for students and teachers.

Based on sound educational principles combined with a practical, common-sense attitude, ANZCA examinations are offered in Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand. Teachers who use ANZCA examinations are virtually unanimous in praise of the high standards as well as the friendly, unintimidating environment ANZCA provides.

What ANZCA offers – at a glance.

  • Modern and classical examinations, both practical and written.
  • Graded courses leading to recognised diplomas.
  • A wide range of choices and flexibility within each syllabus.
  • Opportunities for creativity through improvisation.
  • Assessment by qualified, professional musicians.

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