Alex Ristovski: Saxophone, Flute and Clarinet Teacher  

Alex has been playing saxophone for over 10 years, as well as flute and clarinet for several years.

He has completed a Certificate IV in Music Performance at Box Hill TAFE and an Advanced Diploma in Music Performance at Melbourne Polytechnic. Alex is currently completing his final year of a Bachelor of Music at Melbourne Polytechnic.

Alex has worked with a many local jazz ensembles and soul, R&B, funk and hip hop bands. He’s also participated in big bands since he first began playing. Alex currently plays in a dub-reggae band called Kali Rhythm and a jazz fusion band called Children of the Revolution.

Alex has worked with many local musicians, including Anton Delecca, Tony Kicks and Gemma Harbory, as well as artists such as Katie Baker. He has also taken part in community work with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra’s youth programs.

Alex’s teaching method incorporates aspects of jazz and jazz improvisation, as well as classical styles. He believes in students having a strong basic knowledge of their instruments, with a focus on proper technique and posture. Alex also includes music theory study in his teaching, as he’s found that knowledge in theory can be applied to many other instruments.

Alex also incorporates his experience as a composer and arranger to make the learning process fun and creative for his students.