GIFT IDEAS: Secret Santa Gift Guide 2020

GIFT IDEAS: Secret Santa Gift Guide 2020

With the silly season fast approaching, so too do the (COVID-safe) work Christmas parties and family get togethers! Nail your Secret Santa gifts this Chrissy with our comprehensive gift guide!

Delta Blues Harmonica (Key of C)

RRP: $9.95
Start learning the harmonica today with this easy-to-learn 10 hole diatonic harp!
Shop HERE.

Crossfire 0.71mm Canned Guitar Picks (20 Pack)


RRP: $12.95
A handy pop-top tin makes this the perfect gift for the muso who is always misplacing their pick.
Shop HERE.

Fretz Self-Securing Wall-Mount Guitar Hanger

RRP: $19.95
The floor is no place for a guitar! This wall hanger will safely store your instrument, plus it looks really cool having a guitar hanging on your wall.
Shop HERE.

Fretz "Woodie" Trigger-Style Ukulele Capo (Black)

RRP: $22.95
The essential guitarist's tool, now scaled down for uke players!
Shop HERE.

Crossfire Universal Guitar Capo (Black)

RRP: $27.95
Need a capo for your acoustic AND your electric AND your classical? The Crossfire Universal Capo fits all three with its slever double-sided design.
Shop HERE.

Crossfire Deluxe Chromatic Clip-On Tuner and Metronome

RRP: $29.95
This Crossfire tuner is a true all-rounder. It works for guitar, bass, ukulele and violin as a tuner OR a metronome!
Shop HERE.

Little Black Books (In-store only)


RRP: $32.95
The perfect songbook for the guitarist on the go; small size, tab style, jam packed full of your fave riffs. Available in a huge range of artists and genres, check them out in-store!

Fretz Genuine Leather Guitar Strap (Black)

RRP: $37.95
This adjustable leather guitar strap is super lightweight and comfortable, plus it looks great!
Shop HERE.

D'Addario EXL110 3-Pack Regular Light Electric Guitar Strings (10-46)

RRP: $37.99
What do you get the guitarist who has everything? Strings! They need replacing eventually and this 3-pack of our best-selling electric guitar strings will ensure the shred lord in your life always has a set ready to go.
Shop HERE.

Sanchez Soprano Ukulele with Gig Bag

RRP from $39.95
Ukulele has proved itself a mainstay for beginner musos young and old. The Sanchez range of beginner ukuleles are available in a rainbow of cool colours!
Shop HERE.

Fretz "Woodie 5" Wooden A-Frame Guitar Stand

RRP: $39.95
These stylish stands suit acoustic, electric and bass guitars. Sturdy construction and good looks can't go wrong!
Shop HERE.

Schaller S-Locks Security Strap Locks (Chrome)

RRP: $46.00
Safeguard your axe from falls with Schaller strap locks. They lock your strap into place so it cannot budge - perfect whether you're gigging or shredding at home.
Shop HERE.

Mooer Chromatic Clip-On Tuner

RRP: $54.95
Fast and accurate tuning and a sleek, easy to read display makes this tuner the ideal tool for the most discerning guitarist or bassist.
Shop HERE.

Crown USB-Rechargeable LED Music Light 

RRP: $59.95
See your sheet music wherever you are with this handy music light. Simply clip it onto your music stand for perfect illumination!
Shop HERE.

Timberidge 3-Pack Custom Light Longlife Coated Acoustic Strings (11-52)

RRP: $64.95
Do you remember the last time you changed your acoustic strings? If the answer is "a long time ago", these strings are your solution! A longlife, anti-rust coating means these strings will sound and feel better for longer.
Shop HERE.

Crown Traditional Leather-Look Metronome

RRP: $64.95
Keep time while you practice with this traditional mechanical metronome. With a classic leather-look finish, it looks great on top of the piano!
Shop HERE.

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